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What benefit fraud is, how benefit fraud is investigated and how to report someone you suspect of committing benefit fraud.
Whilst the vast majority of food and drink we consume is produced safely there are times when things go wrong. Environmental health will investigate concerns regarding food safety whether that be from food and drink which has been purchased or consumed, or the premises selling food.
West Lothian residents who are impacted by noise caused by continual barking of a neighbour's dog(s), either inside or outside their homes, have the right to take action in an attempt to resolve the problem.
This page provides information on the legal requirements of dog owners to keep their animals under control and the sanctions available to authorities in dealing with out of control dogs.
Please use this form to submit any complaints or queries you have over a development or use of land which is causing you concern.
You can request a grit bin to be refilled, request a a replacement grit bin where it is missing, damaged or broken, or request a grit bin where one isn't present, using the online form below.
If your bin was not emptied as expected, you can report it online.
You can report your bin missing, stolen or damaged using the online form below.
Should you discover any issues with festive lighting, please report them using our online form below.
Trading Standards protect consumers and businesses in West Lothian by advising businesses, inspecting trade premises, testing equipment, sampling goods and investigating complaints. We also work in partnership with Citizens' Advice who provide a national consumer advice service.
The police are responsible for enforcing legislation relating to parking across driveways and entrances.