Building Standards

Information on building standards including checking if a building warrant is required, a guide to estimating the value of building work, how to apply for a building warrant and viewing the building standards register.

The Scottish Government technical guidance for both Domestic and Non-Domestic properties is complex and it is suggested that you obtain the services of a construction professional such as surveyor /architect or similar to assist in determining whether or not a building warrant is required.
The following table of fees is based on the Building Cost Information Service review of building prices.
You need a building warrant before you can carry out most types of building or demolition work.
This page should give an insight into how a building warrant application is determined.
Find out about building warrant applications and completion certificates
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A completion certificate is needed to confirm that work has been carried out in accordance with the building warrant and complies with the building regulations.
We may provide replacement documentation relating to building warrants. Please note that if copies of approved plans are provided these are for information purposes only and may not reflect the actual as built construction.
Appointments are required to see Building Standards Surveyors and appointments can only be made to discuss a registered building warrant application.
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This page will signpost you to building warrant information and tell you where you can go to get information and help with building warrant applications.
We can inspect work carried out without a building warrant and, if satisfactory, issue a letter to confirm that no enforcement action will be taken in terms of unauthorised building works or against any outstanding building warrant (a building warrant where the certificate of completion has not been issued). We can also confirm for certain works that a building warrant was not required.
Building Standards has a responsibility to deal with dangerous buildings as they occur.
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The Building Standards section is responsible for inspecting raised structures and issuing consent to use such structures under section 89 of the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982.
An online service for building standards applications can be found by following the eBuildingStandards.Scot link. You are required to register once as a user to use both the ePlanning and eBuildingStandards portal.
Building standards performance figures will be updated on a quarterly basis
This page gives an indication of the services West Lothian Council building standards provide