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If you wish to sell alcohol then you will need a licence. This includes events where alcohol is provided following the purchase of an entrance ticket.
You need to contact Roads and Transportation Services to give full details of location, reason, dates, duration and the physical extent of works that require the road to be closed. This is a lengthy process and must meet the legal requirements of a Temporary Traffic Regulation Order. Charges for this process will be made at actual cost price.
Apply for planning permission, find out the planning fee and other consents which might be required.
How to apply for pre-school and school places in West Lothian through the Pupil Placement section.
You need a building warrant before you can carry out most types of building or demolition work
This describes how you can apply for social rented housing in West Lothian.
The Blue Badge Scheme provides a national arrangement across the UK and a partnership arrangement in other European Union member states. The scheme is designed to help severely disabled people live independent lives by knowing that when they reach their destination, either as a passenger or driver, that they will be able to park near to the venue and therefore have easier access to the services they want to use.
West Lothian Council extended the free breakfast provision to all pupils in primary schools who want a breakfast.
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Find out how to apply, renew, replace or update your bus pass and what rail concessions you are entitled to using your bus pass.
West Lothian Council procures supplies, services and works to an approximate value of £220 million per annum. The council's Corporate Procurement Unit is a support service whose principal activity is to satisfy the council's procurement needs for supplies, services and works.
You can make a Dropped Kerb request using the online form below.
EMA is an allowance of £30 per week, depending on household income. Household income is assessed in the same way as for Tax Credits provided by HM Revenue & Customs. Students estranged from parents or in care of the authority can also be paid.
If you are organising an event involving entertainment which is open to the public you may need a licence.
West Lothian Licensing Board has a range of functions under the Gambling Act 2005
Join the library online for free and you will be able to collect your membership card at your chosen library within two working days.
Information on holding public processions (parades) and how to comment on/object to them.
How to register a food business.
To apply for a school let please complete the form.
Details of how to apply and who can apply for Crisis and Community Care Grants through the Scottish Welfare Fund.
Search current vacancies with West Lothian Council.
West Lothian Council operates a licensing scheme for taxis and private hire cars and their drivers. This scheme is administered by the Council's Licensing Team.
West Lothian Council as a licensing authority, carries out the administration of licensing in relation to activities for which licences are required, including the licensing of street traders, metal dealers and second hand dealers along with a large amount of other activities as specified in the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982.
The Young Scot National Entitlement Card (NEC) for young people is a free electronic smart card for everyone aged 11 to 25.