Animal Welfare

The Animal Welfare Officer deals with many dog related issues in the West Lothian area and is on hand to offer advice and guidance to residents and dog owners.

The Animal Welfare Officer post is currently vacant. We are therefore unable to offer a normal level of service. No response to stray dogs is currently possible.

For general enquiries, please see the related web pages, which provide a wide range of animal welfare information.

The service deals with a large volume of complaints, request and enquiries. It enforces various pieces of dog and animal welfare related law. The Animal Welfare Officer is also responsible for the inspecting and licensing of local businesses where live animals are kept, including pet shops, boarding establishments, dog breeders and riding establishments.

Because of the wide variety of work, responses are prioritised. This means that at busy times, only the most important cases can be tackled. We cannot routinely respond to general animal welfare enquiries and will only do so when other higher priority work permits.

If your enquiry is solely related to the welfare of an animal that you believe to be in distress or neglected we would advise you first contact the Scottish SPCA on 03000 999 999.

A dog can be a wonderful addition to any home. The key to owning a happy, well balanced dog is responsible ownership, dedication and time.
Poultry keeping is becoming more popular, but neighbours may have concerns about it.
This page provides information on the legal requirements of dog owners to keep their animals under control and the sanctions available to authorities in dealing with out of control dogs.
All dog walkers have a responsibility to keep their dogs under control and no dog owner would willingly want their dog to be seen as out of control. A dog does not need to be aggressive to be deemed as out of control.
The law defines a stray as a dog which is in a public place and not under the charge of a keeper. This means that any dog out with its own property/garden unattended is classed as a stray. An authorised officer has the right to uplift any animal he suspects is a stray under the Environmental Protection Act 1990.
If you have lost your dog, please contact our Animal Welfare Officers as soon as possible. They will be most likely to be made aware of reported sightings of straying or unaccompanied dogs and have the legal power to uplift any unaccompanied dogs found in a public place.
Licensing information for anyone caring for animals in a personal or business capacity.
West Lothian residents who are impacted by noise caused by continual barking of a neighbour's dog(s), either inside or outside their homes, have the right to take action in an attempt to resolve the problem.